Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Restaurant Worker Mutual Aid of Greater Boston (RWMA) to mobilize resources to fight food insecurity amongst undocumented restaurant industry workers who have lost their employment due to COVID-19.

This mission is achieved through a network of volunteers, distributing grocery items, providing resource support, and advocating for more just and equitable systems. RWMA’s efforts are made possible through both monetary and in-kind donations.

RWMA aims to address the socio-economic barriers related to food insecurity amongst marginalized communities. We recognize that these barriers are the result of a history of economic, political, and environmental inequalities that exist amongst our food, labor, and housing systems, exacerbated due to the pandemic. In response, RWMA works in collaboration with networks of organizations, community leaders, nonprofits, and community members in an effort to create sustainable solutions in promoting and advocating for more equitable systems and policy initiatives.

While COVID-19 continues to bring much devastation to immigrant communities,  it also brings opportunity. This is an opportunity to bring awareness to the injustices that have long existed prior to pandemic. RWMA embraces this with every delivery, outreach, and interaction in the name of food justice and equity.

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